Sacrifice: Now or Later?
I’ve heard it said before that, in this business, as well as life in general, you can either sacrifice your present for your future, or sacrifice your future for your present. This is a true statement. Most any successful “self-made” business person will tell you how key a component the concept of sacrifice was to the overall equation of their success. Marty and I can
attest to this.

Sacrifice means a lot of different things when building a successful final expense agency. I’ll briefly focus on the two
biggest elements you will face: time and money.

I (almost) hate to break it to anyone who hasn’t figured this out yet: This career opportunity is NOT a 40-hour-a-week job. In order to maximize all that is possible with Lincoln, you’ll have to give up more time with family, hobbies, and events than your “regularly” employed peers. If you give some of that up now, later as you achieve financial freedom and
especially as you retire, you will not only gain that time back; but also enjoy it at a higher quality. Some of those peers you missed seeing at the ballfield may have to work well into their old age just to make ends meet.

It takes money to make money. Employees typically don’t have to worry about expenses and cash flow. Everything they take home from their paychecks is theirs. You, as a final expense agent, must worry about an operating budget, taxes, and everything else that entails just so you can stay in business. You can’t spend every bit of your commissions every week on yourself and family and expect to build anything lasting. When you are in the struggling beginning stages of this career, that IS sacrifice.

If you are married and have a family, you are not the only one sacrificing. Choose your sacrifices wisely. I wasn’t able to spend every night at home when my oldest daughter was little. I missed some events because I was out building this business. Today, she is a high school graduate very pleased to be heading to an exclusive and expensive college this fall that I wouldn’t have been able to send her to if I had been on a “normal” job path. My family and I can tell you it’s worth it.

Thanks everyone,