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Corey Ottinger, 2019 Londy Awards

Corey Ottinger, 2019 Londy Awards

After realizing college wasn’t for me in 2009, I found myself at a factory hating my job. I didn’t feel valued, and I reached a point where I had to try something different. Even though most of my family and friends said I was crazy, I left a $40,000 income in hopes this business would work for me.

I’m blessed to say that I’ve made 6 figures every single year I’ve been here. I fell in love with controlling my income and having the freedom to work my own hours. I’ve already seen things that I thought I’d never see from Hawaii to the Grand Canyon. At the end of the day I truly make a difference in peoples lives. I no longer have co-workers, I have a family.

If you’re new, you aren’t here by chance. Do not let go of this opportunity. Fight until you figure it out. Do not listen to the naysayers that tell you this business won’t work. Do not listen to the voice in your head telling you to go home early or give up. My mother told me not to do this 4 years ago and she’s now at $20,000AP for the month!

We aren’t here to be mediocre, we’re here to be extraordinary. Life is short, and it’s not meant to be spent doing anything other than something you love.

Corey Ottinger
Elite Final Expense, Inc.